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8 Essential Rules for Buyers and Sellers, Progress for Seven Clients (Sellers) in Last Three Weeks
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Welcome to this week's Market Update. It continues to be a very busy time for practice owners in the run up to 30 June, but also a time when there is typically a lot happening in the market for buying and selling practices. 

To support both sellers and buyers we share our 8 essential rules on what each party can do to give themselves the best chance of a successful outcome. They are valuable read for anyone serious about buying or selling, particular if you are looking to do so by Christmas. Check them out on our website here:

The 8 Essential Rules When SELLING Your Practice 
The 8 Essential Rules when BUYING a Practice

Smart sellers and buyers will take a look at both and realise many are the same. Not surprising when you think that the best practice sales/purchases are those where there is a genuine win-win between the seller and the buyer. 

There are plenty of sellers and buyers putting these tips into practice and, in the last three weeks alone, we have seen seven of our clients (sellers) make significant progress towards their goals of a successful sale or merger outcome:

We also have three other clients currently in negotiation with preferred parties over their own Heads of Agreement.

Now is the perfect time to start your own sale process if you are looking to achieve a successful outcome by Christmas. It pays to choose an M&A Advisor / Business Broker with a strong track record of results and we are confident that DMY's proven sale process is unsurpassed in the market for delivering sellers a great outcome and great value. Reach out to us now for a confidential discussion if you are ready to start the process or would like to know more.

In closing, thank you to all those who sent through their feedback on why there are such a small number of female buyers with just one in twenty (5%) revealed from our recently released Market Data. There were some interesting views expressed ranging from the different risk characteristics of males and females; females being more patient and willing to build their own practice to suit their lifestyles; and the potential biases of older male sellers; and more...! We have contacted the winner, James S from Sydney, and he is enjoying his $250 wine voucher.

See you out there!

Mark and Daniel

DMY Associates

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East $630,000 in fees (ID#57) - sold 05/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner Suburbs $430,000 in fees (ID#200) - sold 03/23

1 Principal firm. Melbourne East Fees of $448,000 Accounting and $294,000 (ID#209) - sold 02/23

1 Principal firm,  Regional North Victoria  $1,132,000 in fees (ID#199 - sold 01/23

1 Principal firm, South Melbourne $620,000 in fees (ID#204) - sold 11/22

2 Partner firm, Melbourne Inner Suburb $1,500,000 in fees (ID#168) - sold 09/22

1 Principal firm, Regional North East Victoria Fees of $433,000 in Accounting and $62,000 Financial Planning (ID#151) - sold 08/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne West  ~$700,000 in fees (ID#122) - sold 05/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne North  ~$300,000 in fees (ID#127) - sold 03/22

1 Principal firm, SE Gippsland ~$430,000 in fees (#SM401) - sold 01/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East ~$555,000 in fees (ID#123) - sold 12/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$1,360,000 in fees (ID#116) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Regional NE Victoria ~$1,000,000 in fees (#SM427) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Geelong region ~$495,000 in fees (ID#117) - sold 10/21

1 Partner firm, Melbourne CBD ~$1,250,000 in fees (ID#96) - sold 09/21

 1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$540,000 in fees (ID#105) - sold 06/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$360,000 in fees (ID#413) - sold 06/21

1 Principal FP firm, Mornington (#SM403) - sold 07/20

Melbourne/National bookkeeping practice ~$1,100,000 in fees (#SM404) - sold 06/20

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$800,000 (#SM417) - sold 12/20 

1 Principal firm, Melbourne SE Suburbs ~$636,000 in fees (#SM402) sold 12/20

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