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Welcome to this week's Market Update. For the fourth consecutive week we are bringing a practice to market. This time it is a high quality Melbourne bookkeeping firm:

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner East $632,000 in fees (ID#273)

Co-incidentally, another Melbourne bookkeeping client of DMY executed their contract of sale just this week. That practice saw strong demand from both accounting firms and other bookkeepers, with the entire sale process only taking around 100 days. We expect similar interest for this latest practice particularly given it is highly relocatable and has remote staff both local and offshore. So, if it looks like a good fit, don't delay in registering via the website listing.

As a reminder. we also listed an integrated accounting and bookkeeping practice last week:            2 Partner firm, Melbourne South-East $1,163,000 in fees (ID#257) We have already recieved interest from thirty five prospective purchasers so move quickly if it looks a good fit.

This time of year is typcially one where we see lots of enquiries from practice owners thinking of selling (and yes there is still time to achieve a sale by the end of the year - but you need to get moving!). A common question we are being asked is: What do I need to do to get ready? We have anwered that in our latest Insights pieceCheck it out on our website here and contact us directly if you would like to discuss further: Get Yourself Sale Ready

Lastly, I (Mark) am up on Qld's Sunshine Coast next week to attend the AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers) National Conference. DMY is the only specialist broking firm dedicated to the accounting industry which has a broker with membership of the AIBB. We care deeply about our profession and aspire to keep improving in everything we do. That's good for us and good for our clients. I am also meeting practice owners on the Sunshine Coast - if anyone would like to catch up email me direct. 

See you out there!

Mark and Daniel,

DMY Associates
DMY Associates

1 Principal firm. Melbourne $372,000 in fees (#259)

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North fees of $1.040,000 in Accounting and $200,000 FP (ID#218) - sold 07/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne - Inner North $560,000 in fees (ID#243) - sold 07/23

2 Partner firm, Melbourne South $1,200,000 in fees (ID#226) - sold 07/23

1 Principal firm,  Regional Gippsland Victoria $1,300,000 in fees (ID#162) - sold 06/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East $630,000 in fees (ID#57) - sold 05/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner Suburbs $430,000 in fees (ID#200) - sold 03/23

1 Principal firm. Melbourne East Fees of $448,000 Accounting and $294,000 (ID#209) - sold 02/23

1 Principal firm,  Regional North Victoria  $1,132,000 in fees (ID#199 - sold 01/23

1 Principal firm, South Melbourne $620,000 in fees (ID#204) - sold 11/22

2 Partner firm, Melbourne Inner Suburb $1,500,000 in fees (ID#168) - sold 09/22

1 Principal firm, Regional North East Victoria Fees of $433,000 in Accounting and $62,000 Financial Planning (ID#151) - sold 08/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne West  ~$700,000 in fees (ID#122) - sold 05/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne North  ~$300,000 in fees (ID#127) - sold 03/22

1 Principal firm, SE Gippsland ~$430,000 in fees (#SM401) - sold 01/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East ~$555,000 in fees (ID#123) - sold 12/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$1,360,000 in fees (ID#116) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Regional NE Victoria ~$1,000,000 in fees (#SM427) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Geelong region ~$495,000 in fees (ID#117) - sold 10/21

1 Partner firm, Melbourne CBD ~$1,250,000 in fees (ID#96) - sold 09/21

 1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$540,000 in fees (ID#105) - sold 06/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$360,000 in fees (ID#413) - sold 06/21

1 Principal FP firm, Mornington (#SM403) - sold 07/20

Melbourne/National bookkeeping practice ~$1,100,000 in fees (#SM404) - sold 06/20

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$800,000 (#SM417) - sold 12/20 

1 Principal firm, Melbourne SE Suburbs ~$636,000 in fees (#SM402) sold 12/20

Phone: 03 9448 2308

Sydney: 903/50 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000 
Melbourne: Level 8, 805/220 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 
Brisbane: 9/204 Alice St, Brisbane QLD 4000
Adelaide: 3/55 Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000

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