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Another New Practice for Sale, Get Started Before Christmas
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Welcome to this week's Market Update. The last quarter is typically a busy time for new listings. We introduced three great new practices for sale in our last Market Update and this week we have another, this time based in Melbourne:

Accounting Melbourne North Eastern $450,000 in fees (ID#237)

If it looks like a good fit don't hesitate to register your interest as the size and location means there will be very strong levels of interest from our buyer community.

As a reminder, here are those other three new practices for sale from two weeks across Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland. Each one is getting plenty of interest but it's still early days so jump in if any look like a good fit. 

Accounting Melbourne Outer South East $,1,600,000 in fees (ID#48)

SMSF Administration Business, Western Australia $712,000 in fees (ID#278)

Bookkeeping Brisbane $152,000 in fees (ID#279)

If you are wanting to have a sale of your practice completed in early 2024 there is still time to go to market this side of Christmas and make meaningful progress towards securing a buyer who will be a good cultural fit for you, your clients and your team. Reach out to us via the emails below if you are ready to get started or would like to better understand what's involved and how the market is looking in your area.

Regular readers of our Market Update will know that DMY is the only source of regular market data on buying and selling accounting and bookkeeping practices. We publish this data including selling prices, levels of buyer activity and retention levels every six months. Our latest release is due out at the end of this month and we are looking to deliver even more data and insights for buyers and sellers than ever before. Stay tuned! 

On a final note, Daniel and I will both be busy on the road in the run up to Christmas with multiple trips to Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide as well as all over Melbourne and Regional Victoria. If you would like to meet up for a coffee and a confidential discussion regarding the market and your own situation reach out to us below.

See you out there!

Mark and Daniel,

DMY Associates
DMY Associates

2 Partner firm, Melbourne Eastern Suburbs $1,000,000 in fees (ID#205) - sold 10/23

1 Principal firm, Mornington Peninsula $1,000,000 in fees (ID#98) - sold 08/23

1 Principal firm. Melbourne $372,000 in fees (#259) - sold 08/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North fees of $1.040,000 in Accounting and $200,000 FP (ID#218) - sold 07/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne - Inner North $560,000 in fees (ID#243) - sold 07/23

2 Partner firm, Melbourne South $1,200,000 in fees (ID#226) - sold 07/23

1 Principal firm,  Regional Gippsland Victoria $1,300,000 in fees (ID#162) - sold 06/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East $630,000 in fees (ID#57) - sold 05/23

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner Suburbs $430,000 in fees (ID#200) - sold 03/23

1 Principal firm. Melbourne East Fees of $448,000 Accounting and $294,000 (ID#209) - sold 02/23

1 Principal firm,  Regional North Victoria  $1,132,000 in fees (ID#199 - sold 01/23

1 Principal firm, South Melbourne $620,000 in fees (ID#204) - sold 11/22

2 Partner firm, Melbourne Inner Suburb $1,500,000 in fees (ID#168) - sold 09/22

1 Principal firm, Regional North East Victoria Fees of $433,000 in Accounting and $62,000 Financial Planning (ID#151) - sold 08/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne West  ~$700,000 in fees (ID#122) - sold 05/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne North  ~$300,000 in fees (ID#127) - sold 03/22

1 Principal firm, SE Gippsland ~$430,000 in fees (#SM401) - sold 01/22

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner South East ~$555,000 in fees (ID#123) - sold 12/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$1,360,000 in fees (ID#116) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Regional NE Victoria ~$1,000,000 in fees (#SM427) - sold 11/21

1 Principal firm, Geelong region ~$495,000 in fees (ID#117) - sold 10/21

1 Partner firm, Melbourne CBD ~$1,250,000 in fees (ID#96) - sold 09/21

 1 Principal firm, Melbourne South East ~$540,000 in fees (ID#105) - sold 06/21

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$360,000 in fees (ID#413) - sold 06/21

1 Principal FP firm, Mornington (#SM403) - sold 07/20

Melbourne/National bookkeeping practice ~$1,100,000 in fees (#SM404) - sold 06/20

1 Principal firm, Melbourne Inner North ~$800,000 (#SM417) - sold 12/20 

1 Principal firm, Melbourne SE Suburbs ~$636,000 in fees (#SM402) sold 12/20

Phone: 03 9448 2308

Sydney: 903/50 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000 
Melbourne: Level 8, 805/220 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000 
Brisbane: 9/204 Alice St, Brisbane QLD 4000
Adelaide: 3/55 Gawler Place, Adelaide SA 5000

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